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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Gaudichot - Izakaya Vin branches out!

You may have, Gentle Reader, read a previous post from many, many years ago about the extraordinary Izakaya Vin (IV) near Shibuya Station. Although the master has since passed away, it remains a wonderful and exquisite outpost in sarariman Dogenzaka that deserves your love and patronage. The son and heir is doing a splendid job and Madame still rules the roost with an iron hand.

Fast forward then to 2017, when on a whim Your Humble Correspondent searched for IV on Tabelog and discovered that said establishment had branched out to Ebisu - much to the relief of many wearied daily travellers no doubt! Egad! 

This fact alone was sufficient to have YHC eager to sally forth and try Gaudichot [Maptogether with some feisty food and wine patrons who were not likely to hold back in judgement or appetite. So he went ...

While the location is a little counter-intuitive for the first-time visitor, venture up the stairs to the former Bistro Escalier (so named for obvious reasons) and visit with the ebullient mine-host Ms. Enomoto. She is a well-trained and extremely knowledgeable sommelier - remember though that a somm's job is to sell wine and she's very good at it.

The menu regales you with a veritable landscape of French comfort foods from terrines and pates through to salads and lamb. Choosing only one would be a mistake, Gentle Reader, so best to toddle over there with at least one companion in order to stress-test the Chef. Each of these dishes has been well and truly road-tested at IV, and each comes with YHC's recommendation. Trust me, all are delicious and circumference-building.

The wine list is mainly ... French, but with items well within the reach of every purse except that of your impecunious correspondent. At the same time, each bottle or glass comes with a story fit for your ears and Mistress Enomoto is an excellent host with a smile and an eye-twinkle that would gladden even the saddest heart.

Visit Gaudichot with friends and rowdy characters, and settle in for a clear spell of wine fun. And should you spot a shady character offering to wash glasses, then do spot me a wink and nod, what-ho!

Pip Pip!

Gaudichot1-13-11 Ebisu-Minami, Minato-ku t: 03-6303-3910 
Rating: Food: 7/10; Commuter-Friendliness: 8/10; Service: 7/10; Ambiance:7/10; Price-Performance: 8/10.
Total: 37/50 (3 Forks)

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