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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hayari - Get your sausage on!

Well it's been some time, Gentle Reader. Much has happened, and there have been times when Your Humble Correspondent wondered whether this pitiful little correspondence might continue. But to respond to a comment from Vijay, here is the first of what one hopes is a continuing series in 2015. One should expect a wider palette of offerings, as well as a focus on restaurants in the general vicinity of YHC's new digs in Shirokane. Selfish indeed, but eminently satisfying.

Many of you are aware of YHC's predilection towards all things encased. A good sausage goes a long way towards achieving bliss, as the actress said to the bishop. And while there are many fine establishments which feature one or two examples on their carte, Hayari (the website is regrettably only available in Japanese) is the only venue that YHC has found here in the Big Mikan that focuses so heavily on ground meats. While some might call this an "obsession" on Chef Takeshi Murakami's part, this writer prefers more positive categorizations like "inspiration" and "trait de genie (stroke of genius)".

In fact, Murakami-san features 24 different sausages from 15 countries in his line up, although only 7 or 8 are available each day. Each is lovingly hand-crafted in his 'studio' in Yamanashi, and no chemical preservatives or binding agents are used. Ingredients are always of the highest possible quality. It shows. He is also a scholar of all things sausage-related, and should you have a favorite not on the list he will undertake to consider its inclusion.

YHC knew that an expedition to assay the sausage-ness of Hayari was not a thing to be undertaken lightly, and was a quest that would require expert assistance. In these sort of circumstances, it is always good to have someone with detailed knowledge. Someone Teutonic, if at all possible Austrian. Herr Krokodil was the perfect companion.

We sampled five different sausages that blessed evening - each was perfect in its own way. Each was perfect - in fact - in any way. Herr Krokodil was beaming from ear to ear (something that is fearsome to behold), and Your Humble Correspondent was valiantly yet hopelessly trying to find a way to get more than his fair share. Hayari is not Pete's House of Brats or a wiener bar, and patrons need to foreswear any florid application of ketchup, onions, or any liquid mustard.

Your Humble Correspondent is also told that other items like salads, soups, and desserts are available although the notion seems somewhat superfluous and dilettante at first take. The wine list is somewhat quirky, although it steers clear of cheap Chilean muck and is very more-ishly priced.

Hayari is very definitely a place for friends or the occasional frequent social nomikai. And if you should see a mangy fellow hanging around the door with that sort of sausage-deprived look in his eyes, do invite me in!

Pip Pip!
Hayari: 2Fl, Grande Ebisu Bldg, 3-48-5 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku t: 03-5422-8467
: Food: 8/10; Sausage-ness: 9/-10; Service: 7/10; Ambiance: 6/10; Price-Performance: 7/10.
Total: 37/50 (3 Forks)

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