Food without memory is just digestion

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

With abject apologies ...

It has been some time, Gentle Reader, since your Humble Correspondent forced his way in on your attentions. Truth is, I have been away - literally, emotionally, and gastronomically. For this I beg forebearance and forgiveness.

While it wouldn't do to bore you with the details, it has been a frenetic year. What passes for a mind has been taken up with hatches (one), matches (two), and dispatches (one) in The Year of Our Lord 2010 ...

Still, it is surely about time to come up for air. Having moved to a new Hellhole in the decidedly un-chic part of Hiroo, there are a whole postle of establishments that are about to have terror brought upon them by a slightly rotund yet well-intended individual. Who just happens to be a little picky about food. And wine. And service. And who is unstinting in his own 'umble efforts to serve you, the dining aristocracy.

Stay tuned for posts on (in no particular order) China Blue, Ristorante FRICK, Restaurant Davis, and some other random thoughts. We will share some unabridged commentary on the new Michelin ratings.

Look for some reviews of more of my Hong Kong favorites. Perhaps even some hints on where to source the best ingredients for that special dinner party ... provided you promise to send an invitation! Shameless self-promotion, by Gad!

Until then, then:

Pip! Pip!


Resonate said...

Good to see you back where you belong Terry - entertaining and instructing us fine dining neophytes.

Best wishes for a great 2011.


Terry said...

Thanks Tim. Hope to catch up in person soon!