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Monday, 15 June 2009

Special Event at Brin de Muguet

Gentle Reader, you may recall that I recently gushed effusively about Brin de Muguet in Ogikubo. Splendid place, really, if a little removed from the hubbub and crush of areas closer to town (and the Hellhole). Delighted to let you know that there are still some seats available for a very special wine tasting this Friday at said venue for the miserly sum of Y12,600 . The menu sounds scrumptious:

Tartare and white asparagus toast (Feste lente)
Marinated Bonito, black olive sauce (Hmm?)
Snails profitroles, parsley cream sauce (persile...)
Toulouse sausage with two kinds of mustards (Oh my!!)
Pan fried french duck filet devil sauce (Be quiet my groaning scales!)
Pineapple crumble (I shall)

All of this is matched with some special wines from Wine Prosperite:

Cristian Senez Champagne brut rose
Le blanc de Lynch Bages Bordeaux 2005
Domaine de Baron'Arques Limoux 2004
Domaine la Cabotte Chateauneuf du Pape Rhone 2005

Your Humble Correspondent shall definitely be there to bore all and sundry. For a seat, e-mail Wine Prosperite. But hasten, for with only some 11 places left it will be first-in-best-dressed. I promise to sit at the far end of the room, and speak only in a small voice. E-mail Wine Prosperite for a place at the board!

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