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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Suburban Italian - Collina Piccola

People often ask why I focus on restaurants in the "foreigner" part of Tokyo - there's no reason really except that most often the food is good enough to take the trouble to write. Never one to shirk duty though, I thought I would share a nice little Italian in Haramachi, Shinjuku.

Torattoria (sic!) Collina Piccola (sorry, Japanese only!) is a pleasant little restaurant in Wakamatsu, quite close to the Tokyo Womens Medical University - which accounts for the fact that I was the only man in the place on the evening we called. Not that I minded, Gentle Reader, but it means that the menu tends to the softer variety of Italian cuisine and the wine list tends to the light side.

We ordered a Dalbiere 05 Trebbiano de Romagna, which surprised as a perky little thing. Perhaps it was designed to match the younger audience here, but I for one would be happy to order it again particularly at the very reasonable price at which it is offered.

The Caprese Salad with Pesto (2 stars from Terry)! and Zuwaigani Tagliatelle were very suitable starters, which we followed with the Rissoto ala Parmiagiano (very adequate!) and Cotaletta ala Milanese (good). The amazing thing here is not the food - which is quite good - but the prices. We were out the door for just a little more than Y10,000 including the wine ... which means you'll see this humble correspondent back at Collina Piccola soon.

The restaurant is quiet and hums along with the buzz of well-ordered chaos. It avoids the temptation of turning up the BGM too loud, and the staff are attentive and happy to help those who don't speak much Japanese to struggle through.

Try Collina Piccola with your partner or a good friend - it's not a business dinner choice, but it is relaxing and represents good value for money.

Food: 6/10; Wine: 5/10; Service: 7/10; Ambiance: 6/10; Price: 7/10 ($). Total: 31/50

Toratorria Collina Piccola: Sunword Bldg, 3-37 Haramachi, Shinjuku. t: 03-5285-8662

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