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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

French Kitchen, Roppongi Hills

4 September 2007

Just a quick post this time around - this past 2 weeks I've been in the USA so no new posts. I was back at Cheers in Shibuya the other night...a little disappointing although my guests were badly jetlagged so maybe the atmosphere was not quite right.

Last night was a sad occasion as we farewelled our retiring President at French Kitchen in Roppongi Hills. But I did get to try the great cooking here for the first time in a few years, and that was a great pleasure. So sorry, David, but ...

I had an appetizer of Hokkaido Veal and Fois Gras Terrine - the veal was tender and succulent, melting away and the terrine was brilliantly constructed with great plate-ing. This dish, of course, is one we could all put together given some veal, some fois gras, and some aspic but still...!

My main was duck (a weakness I know Gentle Reader, but what the hey!) confit. I think that this was probably the best confit I've had in Tokyo (and that's saying something!). Soft and succulent, with no struggle to see the meat off the bone. Now I'm thinking this guy can cook, so I will look for an opportunity to take the Child Bride there as soon as possible.

I'll stay clear of a rating for the moment, but think somewhere between 36 and 40 although I think the l'addition is a bit steep. If you need a map, it's here. Otherwise, saddle up the taxi driver for the Hyatt at Roppongi Hills, duck inside the main foyer, and bound up the stairs two at a time to French Kitchen!

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Anonymous said...

Ok....but come on- it still carries the stench of 'hotel restaurant'....slightly sterile, good but overpriced.