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Saturday, 25 November 2006


25 Nov 2006 (L'Amphore has moved since this post)

Sometimes you just have to trust the experts when you’re looking for a restaurant, so in this case I left the choice of a new venue within walking distance to the redoubtable Ms Motonaga. [Note to self: do this more often!] This place is a stunner and gets 4 Terry forks. Our visit was only for lunch, but I’m back there on the evening of 4 December with the advertising guy to give it the real once over.

I was there with the Research Guy and a LOHAS geek, for a gentle discussion about something that wasn’t headed in the right direction. We needed to soften up the Geek, and L’Amphore was exactly the right venue.We left the menu up to the chef (a young man who fellow foodies should follow!), and the kitchen knew they were in for a fight when I asked about the preparation details for the Boudin...which was perfect and surprisingly light. Each course that followed was delicate yet brilliantly turned out, and there was more than enough to satisy the two portly chaps as well as the Geek. Unfortunately, this was a lunch gig so we didn’t sample the wine list but it looks marvellously well balanced and I’m sure we’ll be giving it a hiding in the near future.

Choose L’Amphore (seats 16-20) for a sophisticated and elegant luncheon or dinner, but don’t tell your work buddies - this place is too good for them. Just keep it among us!

Rating: Food: 8/10; Wine (list): 7/10; Service: 8/10; Ambience: 8/10; Price: 7/10. Total 38/50 (4 Forks from Terry!).

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